Send Claims to the Transmit Queue

Version 14.8


Claims are sent to the transmittal queue pending submission of electronic claim files and/or hcfa printing. Current claims are defined as those that have not been processed through a daysheet.

  1. Click on the Billing button to open the e-Billing center.
  2. Click on the Claims+A/R tab   and Check of the Box for Has Insurance Balance

  1. Click on the Stage dropdown and select Unsent (not transmitted or printed), then click on the Refresh button.

  1. Click on the Sel All button  to select all Unsent Claims.
  2. Then click the Primary button  to transfer these claims to the transmittal queue for primary claim submission.
  3. Select OK when prompted Queue selected claims(s)?

OP will transfer claims to the transmittal queue and go idle when complete. At this point, the best practice would be to run a daysheet, however, some offices send multiple claim transmissions throughout the day based on high volume of claims so the processing of the daysheet after each queue transfer is not required.