Sending a Prescription

Version 14.8

E-Prescribing allows providers to send prescriptions electronically instead of printing.  Once the e-prescribing feature is activated, offices are able to select pharmacies from a pre-populated list of pharmacies from across the USA and send prescriptions.  E-Prescriptions are sent from your workstation to a queue in the main server, which then transmits the prescriptions into the E-Prescribing network and on its way to pharmacies, as follows:

Workstation > E-Prescribing Service (Server) > Surescripts Network > Pharmacy

How to Send Prescriptions as a Provider Agent or Proxy User

  • Make sure the users are registered and have accurate E-Prescribing user ID's and Passwords. You can view this information in OP by opening the staff/provider directory and clicking on the e-prescribing tab. If the users do not have credentials please call support at 800-218-9916.
  • Proxy prescribers are only allowed to write prescriptions that have been marked as Proxy. After the drug is added as "_Allow proxy by non-prescribers_", the nurse will be able to select the drug and send electronically. Please follow the steps below to mark prescriptions as proxy.
  • To write a prescription as a proxy prescriber the user will have to alter the prescription. Please see below for a screen shot of how to set the prescription correctly.

Allow Proxy Use by Non-Prescribers

  1. Open the prescription and leave the drug name blank then click on the ellipsis button.

  1. Expand the category of drugs (step 1) and click on the ellipsis button under the edit tab (step 2).

  1. Click in the checkbox that says allow proxy by non-prescribers. This allows provider agents to write prescriptions for this medication.

  1. You are also able to set proxy privileges from the favorites tab when writing a prescription.

Setting Up the Prescription so Provider Agents can ePrescribe

The provider agent will have to set up the prescription to say Med – to dispense instead of Med – reference only (step 1). The provider agent will have to search the address book for the Prescriber (step 2), which must be a doctor in the practice. When the top of the prescription is correct the provider agent is able to save and send.

To learn more about the E-Prescribing Service, please contact Office Practicum's Technical Support Team.