Set a Default Exam Template

Version 14.8


A default sick visit is helpful for providers who like to chart while in the room with the patient. These providers may not know the child's diagnosis to use a diagnosis specific template while charting. 

  1. Select the Chart button on the Smart Toolbar.

Smart Toolbar: Chart Button

  1. Search for a test patient.
  2. Click the Encounters tab .
  3. Click the Start New Note button .
  4. Click the Template tab.
  5. Locate the template to be the default template and double click to select.
Note:  There is a NORMAL EXAM template under Constitutional which may be appropriate for charting.

Encounter Note: Templates Tab

  1. Click the Set as Default Exam Template button.

Encounter Note: Set as Default Exam Template Button

  1. Click Yes to confirm the default template.


Encounter Note: Confirm Default Template

  1. Click the Pref button.

  2. Click the Exit button .
  3. Click the Don't Save buttonto exit without saving.

Using the Default Exam

  1. Click the Detailed Exam tab.
  2. Click the Apply Default Exam button.

Encounter Note: Apply Default Template

  1. Click the OK button to use the default exam.

Encounter Note: Accept Default Template

  1. Make changes as needed for this patient.