Set Calendar Display Preferences

Version 14.19


After adding staff, providers, or rooms/resources to the calendar view, you can decide how the calendar will be displayed by setting Display Preferences.

Set Calendar Display Preferences

  1. In the Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab, click the Schedule button.
  2. Select the Calendar View tab for which you will add staff or resources.
  3. Ensure that the Calendar radio button is selected so that you are viewing the Calendar Schedule window.
  4. Click the Schedule Properties button. The Schedule Properties for Highlighted Calendar window opens to the Staff/Resources tab indicating the Calendar tab and Resource selection. 
  5. Click the Display Preferences tab.

  1. As you complete the following fields, the Sample Calendar displays the settings:
  • Number of columns: the number of column that are displayed on the calendar. If you select 3 providers to be displayed, ensure you have at least 3 selected here.
  • Time Units: this should be set to match the units in which appointments are scheduled in your practices. For example, if your appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments, select 15 here.
  • Line Height: this determines how wide (2) or narrow (1) the lines on the calendar are displayed.
  • Appointment font: this determines the size of the font on the calendar. A preview is displayed below the Appointment font section of the window. If you select a different radio button option, you will be alerted to close the schedule and reopen it to see the change.
  • Non-prime time (before/after hours)
  • Prime time (public office hours)
  1. Click the OK button to save the display preferences.