Setting up Backup Jobs in the OP Backup Program

Note: A minimum of 2 jobs needs to be created to ensure a full and successful backup of all Office Practicum related database files.

  1. With the Job window opened, click the New Job button to create a new Backup job.

  1. The Event window is displayed. You are prompted to set the time of day and frequency for when the backups will occur. At the vert least set the backups to run once a day, every day. After setting the schedule, click the Database tab.

  1. In the database tab the location of the Office Practicum database files are set and a connection to the database is tested. To find the location of the database files click the Browse button and navigate to the opsetup.ini file which can be found in the local installation of OP (ie. C:\OP). Once the local install is found click the opsetup.ini file and click the OK button.

  1. In the database field you should see that database path information has now been automatically filled in. The only thing remaining is to tell the backup program with database file you would like to backup. In the database field you will add to the end of the text the word medical.gdb or docimage.gdb. Both of these are databases actively used by Office Practicum. Click the Test button and verify the connection to that database. Click the Backup tab to continue the Job setup.

  1. In the Backup tab the location and number of backups that are archived can be set. The first text field under the Folder section should be set to save backups on whichever hard drive has the most amount of storage on it. The backups should be saved in either a BAKMED or BAKDOC directory under that hard drive. Once selected click okay and set the number of Preserved Files to 4. Click on the Restore tab to continue.

  1. The restore process will make the back file available as a redundant copy of the database should the main server fail. To enable the restore select the Restore database after backup radio button to enable this option.

Note: If installing on an emergency server also select the option to create an offline copy and place the file in c:\op\op911\gdbmed.
Select the Cleanup option only when installing backups as an emergency server.

  1. Once done with the Restore tab click OK in the bottom right of the Event window to save the newly created job. Repeat steps 1-6 to create more backup jobs.
  2. Setup is complete, click the Apply button. With the newly created jobs saved all that remains is to Enable the backup jobs. To do this click on a job and then click the Enable button at the bottom of the Scheduled Jobs tab.
  3. The backup service now needs to be turned on and told to report back to OP so you can keep track of backup status/health. To do this click on the Global Settings tab in the Office Practicum Backup Service window. In this tab the service will be linked up to OP so it can report back to the end user the status/health off all backup jobs.

  1. In the right hand section of the Global Settings tab click the browse button and again navigate to the opsetup.ini file to establish a link to the backup log database. Once found click OK and in the Server/Path text field the needed information will be automatically filled in. Click the Test button to verify the connection. Having successfully connected the backup service to OP continue onto the Administrator Tasks tab.

  1. In the Administrator Tasks tab the backup service will be started and the jobs will be set to automatically run. To start the backup service click the Start button in the service section of the Administrator Tasks tab.
  2. Setup is complete, click the Apply button and then close the backup program.