Setting Up ClearTriage Support in OP

Note: You must have a ClearTriage account before using ClearTriage in OP. Click here for details on obtaining a ClearTriage account. After obtaining a ClearTriage account, you must also set up OP with your ClearTriage credentials before you can use ClearTriage services in OP.

Compatible Versions of OP for ClearTriage Support
You must have OP Version 14.0.55, OP Version 14.1.10 or later to use ClearTriage in OP.

Follow the procedures detailed below to configure OP to support integration with ClearTriage.

Before setting up OP to support ClearTriage, you must ensure that your system allows access to the following websites:

It is the responsibility of the technical support person at each practice to determine whether their system supports access to these websites and to configure these system exceptions as necessary.

Note: You do not have to shut down the OP application in order to set up OP to support ClearTriage.

To set up OP to support ClearTriage:

  1. Log into OP.
  2. Click on Utilities.
  3. Select System Admin.
  4. Select eCorrespondents. The Correspondents window display.
Note: You must have System Administrator privileges to edit eCorrespondent records.
  1. OP includes a ClearTriage eCorrespondent record by default. Click on the ClearTriage eCorrespondent record.

  1. Ensure that the record contains the required credential information. The Correspondent Class, the Correspondent Name, and the Login URL are provided by default.
  1. In the Correspondent Class field, enter: CTriage.
  2. In the Correspondent Name field, enter: ClearTriage.
  1. In the paired Login ID/Password fields, enter the ClearTriage Practice ID and Password that you entered when you either purchased ClearTriage or signed up for the free trial.
  2. In the Login URL field, enter:
  3. Click the Save button ( ). OP saves your changes.