Setting up Scanners

Version 14.8

Set up the Device

To set up a scanning device for use in OP,  you must first activate the device from within the New Documents module. To do so:

  1. Click the Docs button on the Smart Toolbar to open the Manage Documents window.

  1. Click the New Document button in the Manage Documents window.
  2. Click the Configure Scanners button and select Setup Predefined Devices in the Configure dropdown.

  1. Click to select the device you would like to activate, or click the down arrow next to the blank field and select a device from the drop-down menu.

  1. The scanner has now been activated.

Select the Scanner

  1. Click the Docs button on the smart toolbar to open the Document Management window.

  1. Click the New Document button.
  2. Click on the Scanner button.  A pop-up will appear to complete.
  3. Available settings for the scanner will pertain to the type of scanner you are using. Select 200 dpi and black and white resolution.
Note:  Office Practicum recommends scanning documents in black and white, at a maximum resolution of 200 dpi. In instances where color is important, you can save time and avoid computer slow-down by scanning the documents into your computer as .JPEG files, then importing them into Office Practicum through the Scan module. An imported file can be labeled and saved in your OP database, and attached to a patient record, like any scanned document.