Sharing Templates

Version 14.10

OP 14 allows you to import and export templates. This includes the sharing of templates that OP has customized and exported and has made available for general use. While sharing templates uses the Import and Export Templates functionality in OP 14, sharing templates has its own guidelines and its own warnings. Failure to heed these guidelines and warnings may damage your existing templates and may lead to inaccurate data in OP 14.

Reviewing these resources in the order presented will best prepare you for sharing templates:

  1. Before downloading and importing shared templates into your OP 14 system, please read the warnings and guidelines for template sharing in the Warnings: Before You Share Templates article.
  2. For an overview of the Import and Export functionality in OP 14, refer to the article below that matches your OP 14 environment.
  1. For a catalog of templates that OP has customized and made available for downloading and importing, visit the  OP 14 Template Sharing Catalog. Each template on the catalog page links to a template-specific page that includes an overview of the template and download instructions.
  2. After downloading and importing a template into your OP 14 system, you must customize each template to best meet the needs and workflows of your Practice. For details, refer to, Customizing Shared Templates.
WarningOP is not obligated to fix your templates or your data if you import or share templates and damage either your templates or data in the process.