Sick Visit Placeholder (Encounter)

Version 14.8


In this section you will find instruction on how to create a sick visit placeholder.

Visit Placeholders are only used for a 'split-go live'  (using the practice management (PM) portion of Office Practicum prior to the using the EMR portion). In most instances there is a 3-4 week gap between using the PM and EMR portions. If you have a combined go live (start using the Practice Management Software and EMR software on the same day) you will NOT need 'visit placeholders'. Please skip this page.

Note:  The purpose of applying a placeholder is so that, in the future, we'll know where to look for the visit information. Since the visit will not be documented in Office Practicum, we are documenting in today's note: "Patient's visit information documented on paper. Please refer to Patient's Paper Chart or scanned-in record for further information regarding this visit."

Sick Visit Placeholder

  1. Start the Encounter/Sick visit note by right clicking on the appointment from within the calendar and click on Open encounter. This may also be deon from the tracking screen.

Tracking Screen: Open Encounter

  1. If prompted, Click "No" to applying a template. The note will open.
  2. Click on the CC/ROS/HPI tab. 
  3. Type "Sick" in the search field next to All Templates - this will populate with the option to choose "Sick Visit Placeholder Template".  

You may have your Placeholder template titled: Encounter Placeholder. Therefore you would search for "Encounter".
  1. Select "Sick Visit Placeholder Template" or "Encounter Placeholder Template" with your cursor.
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard to select.
  3. Select OK to apply placeholder template.  You will see that the "CC" is already populated with the appropriate text.
  4. Click on the Exit button. After clicking on Exit, you will be prompted to Save.
  5. Click Save and Finalize.