Encounter Visit (Sick Visit ) Placeholder

Version 14.8


In this section you will find instructions on how to create an Encounter placeholder.

Visit Placeholders are typically only used during a 'split go-live'. This is when your practice starts using the practice management (PM) portion of the OP software prior to using the EMR portion. The purpose of applying a placeholder is so you will know where to look for the visit information in the future. 

However, if you have a combined go live (meaning your practice started using the PM side of the system and the EMR side on the same day), you will not need 'visit placeholders' and can skip this article.

Encounter Placeholder

  1. Start the Encounter/Sick visit note by right-clicking on the appointment in the Tracking window and selecting Open encounter
  2. If prompted, click No to applying a template. The note will open.
  3. Click on the CC/HPI/ROS tab. 
  4. Type "Enc" in the search field next to All Templates. 
  5. Select Encounter Placeholder.  
  6. Select OK to apply placeholder template.  You will see that the "CC" is already populated with the appropriate text.
  7. Click on the Exit button. 
  8. Click Save and Finalize.