Specify a Patient's Ethnicity Details

Version 14.19


A patient's ethnicity details, when provided, should be recorded in the Basic Information (Demographics) of their patient chart. The details provided here are intended to provide details of a patient's Hispanic origin. This is not a mandatory field.

This a type-ahead pick-from list, allowing users to select more than one detail.

Entering Ethnicity Details

  1. Navigate to Basic Information in the patient's chart.
  2. In the Ethnicity Details field, begin to type the origin detail(s). As you type, results will display.

  1. Select the appropriate detail(s). As details are selected, the Ethnicity field updates to Hispanic or Latino.

NoteIf you do not collect detailed ethnicity information, proceed to Step 5 to select the ethnicity of the patient.

  1. If an incorrect selection was made, click the respective X to remove the detail. If all details are removed, the Ethnicity field resets to Unknown.
  2. In the Ethnicity field, edit the selection, if needed. Selecting an option other than Hispanic or Latino does not clear the ethnicity details, but they can be deleted by clicking the respective X.