Important Content Update Message
We are currently updating the OP Help Center content for the release of OP 20. OP 20 (official version 20.0.x) is the certified, 2015 Edition, version of the Office Practicum software. This is displayed in your software (Help tab > About) and in the Help Center tab labeled Version 20.0. We appreciate your patience as we continue to update all of our content.

Spell Check in OP


Office Practicum has a Spell Check function built into the software that is particularly helpful when composing visit notes. The standardized dictionary files are housed in the OP installation directory. These files are loaded for the user each time a specific user logs into the system.

Incorrect Spellings

When a word is spelled incorrectly, the user will see the word underlined in red, similar to as in many word-processing programs. When the user right-clicks on the underlined word, a menu displays with some action options:

  • A list of possible matches for the incorrectly spelled word. The user may select a word from the list to replace the incorrectly spelled word.
  • Ignore: remove the red underline and leave the spelling as is.
  • Ignore all: remove the red underline and leave the spelling as is for all of the instances of this word in the current window.
  • Add: add the word to the dictionary.
  • Spelling: opens the Spelling window where the user has the option to change the spelling of the word to other spelling as indicated in the window.