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SQL: Appointment Waiting Time


This reports indicates the elapsed time spent in all statuses for all appointments between two dates that you specify.

A sample image of this SQL report run in the Database Viewer is shown below:


  • This report can be modified so that you can determine your average wait time by provider, by appointment type, by phase, etc.  Alternatively you can export the raw data to Excel and manipulate it that way.
  • This report takes a long time to run.  Do not run it for more than a 2-week period (unless your practice is very small).


To highlight and copy the code below to your clipboard, simply click the Copy button.

select patno, appt_date,schedule.code1,schedule.uniqkey as appointment_number,description, activity_starttime, activity_endtime, (activity_endtime - activity_starttime)*24*60 as nettime, appt_type.description, staffinit as provider_seen

from schedule inner join schedule_pat_trak on (schedule.uniqkey = schedule_pat_trak.schedule_pk_uniqkey ) inner join appt_type on (appt_type.appt_type_id = schedule_pat_trak.activity_status) inner join staff1 on (schedule.addr_id = staff1.staffid ) where schedule.visit_status='Completed' and activity_starttime between :start_date and :enddate