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SQL: BMI and ZCode for All Active Patients


This report shows all active patients who have ever had a BMI computed. It lists the most recent date of BMI computation, age at computation, BMI, BMI percentile (for under 18 years old), and appropriate ICD-10 Z code for that BMI.

A sample image of this SQL report run in the Database Viewer is shown below:


  • Age is the patient’s age when the BMI was last computed, not the current age.
  • Patients who have never had a BMI computed do not appear in the report.


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select patno, birthdat, date1, datediff(month,birthdat,date1)/12 as age, bmi, bmi_percent, 
case when  datediff(month,birthdat,date1)/12 < 18 then 
(case when bmi_percent <5 then 'Z68.51' when bmi_percent <85 then 'Z68.52' when bmi_percent <95 then
'Z68.53' else 'Z68.54' end) else (case when bmi<40  then ( 'Z68.' ||  substring(bmi from 1 for 2)) when bmi <45 then 'Z68.41' when bmi <50 then
'Z68.42' when bmi <60 then 'Z68.43' when bmi <70 then 'Z68.44' else 'Z68.45' end) end as zcode from
select birthdat, patno, physical_chart.date1, physical_chart.bmi, physical_chart.bmi_percent  from register
inner join 
( select patno, max(date1) as most_recent from
physical_chart where bmi <>0 group by patno ) p
on p.patno = register.patno 
inner join physical_chart on register.patno = physical_chart.patno and p.most_recent= physical_chart.date1
where patno >=101 and status_pat = 'ACTIVE' and lname <> 'TESTPATIENT'
and bmi >0