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SQL: HPV Due Vaccines


This SQL is used to indicate who is due for HPV: active patients between 11-21 who haven't completed the series (either 2 or 3 doses) who are slightly past the minimum spacing requirements.

A sample image of this SQL report run in the Database Viewer is shown below:


This shows all active 11-21 year olds who:

  • Have had no HPV vaccines
  • Have had 1 dose of HPV:
  • >6 months ago (if this dose was given before the 15th birthday)
  • >2 months ago (if this dose was given after the 15th birthday)
  • Have had 2 doses of HPV if:
  • The first dose of HPV was after the 15th birthday
  • The second dose was >5 months ago


To highlight and copy the code below to your clipboard, simply click the Copy button.

select patno, birthdat, age, early_date as first_HPV_dose_date, last_date as second_HPV_dose_date, elapsed_months, age_at_first_shot, totalhpv as doses_received from
select v.patno, v.birthdat, v.age, v.bday13, v.early_date, v.last_date, datediff(month,v.last_date,cast('today' as date)) as elapsed_months,  (v.early_date-v.birthdat)/365.24 as age_at_first_shot,  datediff(month,v.early_date,v.last_date) as months_apart, v.totalhpv, v1.vacname as first_name, v2.vacname as last_name from
select register.patno, register.birthdat, dateadd(month,156,register.birthdat) as bday13, vtotal.totalhpv, first_HPV.early_date, last_hpv.last_date, floor(datediff(month,register.birthdat,cast('Now' as date))/12) as age from register
 left outer join 
(select min(vacdate) as early_date, patno from
    (select vacname, patno, vacdate from vaccine1 where vacname in ('HPV4','HPV9','HPV','HPV,NOS')) vhraw
group by patno) first_hpv
  on (first_hpv.patno = register.patno)

 left outer join
(select max(vacdate) as last_date, patno from
    (select vacname, patno, vacdate from vaccine1 where vacname in ('HPV4','HPV9','HPV','HPV,NOS')) vhraw
group by patno) last_hpv
  on (last_hpv.patno = register.patno)

left outer join
(select count(vacname) as totalhpv, patno from vaccine1 where vacname in ('HPV4','HPV9','HPV','HPV,NOS') group by patno) vtotal
on (vtotal.patno = register.patno)

where floor(datediff(month,register.birthdat,cast('Now' as date))/12) between 11 and 21 and register.status_pat = 'ACTIVE'  and  (register.patno >= 99) and register.lname <> 'TESTPATIENT'
) v
left outer join vaccine1 v1 on (v.patno = v1.patno) and (v.early_date = v1.vacdate) and (v1.vacname in ('HPV4','HPV9','HPV','HPV,NOS'))
left outer join vaccine1 v2 on (v.patno = v2.patno) and (v.last_date = v2.vacdate) and (v2.vacname in ('HPV4','HPV9','HPV','HPV,NOS'))
) a
where ((a.totalhpv is null) or (a.totalhpv = 1) or (a.totalhpv = 2 and a.age_at_first_shot < 15 and a.months_apart<5))
and ((elapsed_months is null) or (elapsed_months >= 6 and age_at_first_shot <15) or (age_at_first_shot >15 and totalhpv = 1 and elapsed_months >= 2) or (age_at_first_shot>15 and totalhpv=2 and elapsed_months >=5))