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SQL: VFC Count By Age Group and Medical Home Location


This report shows the number of active patients by medical home location, VFC status, and age “bucket”.  It can be used as an aid in allocating vaccine inventory among multi-site practices.

A sample image of this SQL report run in the Database Viewer is shown below:


  • Only active patients are included.
  • You are prompted for a reference date. The age provided is the age that the patient will be on the reference date (for current distribution, enter today’s date). 
  • Patients are attributed to a location based on their assigned medical home.
  • VFC eligibles have a VFC eligibility number of 1, 2, 3, 4.   “Not VFC” is any other code.
  • Age categories are:
  1. 18 months and under 
  2. 19-48 months
  3. 49-83 months
  4. 84-131 months
  5. 132 months and above
  • Do not use this for a VFC report, which requires you to give the number of vaccines/vaccinees at a particular site.  This report gives the number of active patients; not the number of children who received vaccines.


To highlight and copy the code below to your clipboard, simply click the Copy button.

select count(patno), age_cat, VFC, loc_name from
select a.*, case when age_in_months <=18 then 'Group 1:   0-18 mo' when age_in_months <=48 then 'Group 2: 19-47 months' when age_in_months <84 then 'Group 3:  4-6 yo' when age_in_months <132 then 'Group 4:  7-10 yo' else 'Group 5: 11+' end as age_cat

select patno, fname, lname, birthdat, loc_name, 
floor(datediff(month, dateadd(day,-extract(day from birthdat)+1,birthdat), dateadd(day,-extract (day from birthdat)+1,cast(:ref_date as date)))) as age_in_months,

case when sickvno <5 then 'VFC' else 'not VFC' end as vfc from register
inner join location on location.id = register.loc_id
 where status_pat = 'ACTIVE' and patno > 99 and lname <> 'TESTPATIENT'
) a
) group by age_cat, VFC, loc_name