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SQL: VFC Status Count by Age Group


This report shows all patients 18 and under who have received one or more immunizations of any type during a specified time period and classifies them into one of three age groups: <1 year old, 1-6 years old, and 7-18 years old. It also classifies them by VFC category number (1 = Medicaid, 2 = self pay, 3 = AIAN, 4 = underinsured, 5 = not VFC eligible). Many states require this in their annual VFC re-enrollments.

A sample image of this SQL report run in the Database Viewer is shown below:


  • Patients are classified according to the last vaccine they received during the period. For example, a patient who received both a Medicaid (1) vaccine at 6 3/4 years old and an uninsured (2) vaccine at age 7 will only appear in this report as VFC = 2, age 7-18.
  • Patients who were 19 or older when they received their most recent vaccine will not appear in the report.
  • This includes all child vaccine recipients during the period; i.e it does not exclude those who have been inactivated.
  • If you have created or use additional VFC categories (e.g. 6 = CHIP), they will also appear if at least one patient received a vaccine for that status during this period.
  • Do not run the report for longer than a one-year period, as it will have unpredictable results around age binning.


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with vfcs as 
select distinct * from ( 
select b.*, case when age =0 then '<1' when age >0 and age <7 then '1-6' when age >6 and age<19 then '7-18' end as age_bin from 
select a.patno,birthdat, a.most_recent, b.vfc1, floor( datediff(month, 
dateadd(day,-extract(day from birthdat)+1,birthdat), 
dateadd(day,-extract (day from birthdat)+1,most_recent) 
)/12) as age 


(select patno, max(vacdate) as most_recent from vaccine1 where vacdate between :start_date and :end_date and vfc1 <> 9 group by patno) a 
inner join 
(select patno, vacdate, vfc1 from vaccine1 where vacdate between :Start_date and :end_date and vfc1 <> 9) b on b.patno = a.patno and b.vacdate = a.most_recent 
inner join register on register.patno = a.patno 
) b where age <19 

select VFC1,under_1, one_to_6, seven_to_18 from 
select vfc1, count(patno) as under_1 from vfcs where age_bin = '<1' group by vfc1 
) a 
right outer join 
(select vfc1, count(patno) as one_to_6 from vfcs where age_bin = '1-6' group by vfc1) b on b.vfc1 = A.VFC1 
right outer join 
(select vfc1, count(patno) as seven_to_18 from vfcs where age_bin = '7-18' group by vfc1) c on c.vfc1 = A.VFC1