Staff Directory

Version 14.8

About Staff Directory

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Practice > Staff/Provider Directory (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][P][S])

The Staff Directory stores, edits, and displays information for all staff members.  In the Staff Directory you can enter basic login information about the staff member, set the staff member’s security access, determine the staff members data visibility, provide the staff member’s provider and practice information, set lab links, and regulate ePrescribing privileges. 

Note: Staff members can be added to multiple locations.

Staff Directory Map




Basic information tabThe Basic Information tab sets the staff members login credentials, location, clinical level, medical records visibility access, emergency medical records visibility access, and backup log manager status.  The Colloquial Name is used in the Patient Message eXchange.


Data Visibility tabThe Data Visibility tab determines the data-visibility permissions for each data domain (Patient, Financial, Administrative, Workflow, and Clinical) and assigns one permission level to each data domain. From the Data Visibility tab, you can also activate the 'multiple office location feature'. For each user, the data visibility will be set to "Use system default." If the data visibility for a user should be different than the system default, make the appropriate selection from the list.


Provider Info tabThe Provider Info tab sets the full name and credentials as it should appear for chart entries in the Signature name. The Signature name should also be entered for anyone giving vaccines or labs (i.e. Tina Test, MA) as you want this to show in the patient chart when they give a vaccine or do a blood draw.


Practice Info tabThe Practice Info tab contains the full practice information for the staff member’s location.  Click the Copy Primary Provider button to copy the information from the primary provider to populate.


IIS tabThe IIS tab contains the practice registry-issued provider ID, facility code, facility/unit name, contact information and CLIA ID.


Lab Links tabThe Lab Links tab inserts and displays test facilities with their facility ID and Provider’s Lab ID.


e-Prescribing tabThe e-Prescribing tab sets the prescription handling privileges for the staff and provider.


Function buttonsThe function buttons add a staff member, remove a staff member, edit a staff member’s information, save changes, and cancel changes.