Staff Directory and Permissions


Adding Staff into the Staff Directory
The steps below will instruct you on how to enter staff members into Office Practicum and associate them to locations and departments.
Clinical Levels
In this section, you will learn how to assign a provider the correct clinical level in OP.
Adding, Modifying Passwords
Forgot your password? Need to assign a password to a new user? Follow the steps below for password help.
Deactivating a User Account
User accounts can be deactivated in the Security Settings table. Deactivation allows you to keep a user in the system, but make them inactive (unable to log in).
Managing User Permissions
To assign specific permissions or program privileges to an individual staff member, navigate to Security Access within the Staff Directory, and follow the steps below.
Managing Group Permissions
Membership groups determine what areas of OP are accessible to a specific user. Certain Smart Toolbar buttons will be hidden or visible depending on the group membership.
Adding or Modifying Groups
In this section, you will learn how to add or modify permission groups in OP. By doing this, you can narrow down what areas of OP your staff can access.
Enabling Strong Passwords
Version 14.19 Enabling Strong Passwords Click here   to review OP recommendations for creating and maintaining Strong Passwords.   Enabling strong passwords is a way to apply a defined list of password settings for all u...
Setting Up Providers in the Staff Directory
Version 14.19 Overview It is important for a practice to understand how a provider is required to be setup in OP. This will ensure accurate information for billing submission, lab links and e-Prescribing. Completing Provider Information Compl...
Creating and Maintaining Strong Passwords
Version 14.19 Overview It is critical that Practices adopt and maintain policies and procedures for protecting Practice data and patient-related data. This begins with using Strong Passwords. Not only is this a requirement for protecting PHI and...