Standard Reports: Financial Summary

Version 14.10

When to Use this Report

Use this report to view a summary of charges and payments collected for a specified time frame of posted or daysheeted transactions.  

About Financial Summary

Path: Reports menu > Standard Reports > Choose a Report dropdown > Financial Summary

The Financial Summary Report displays Charges and Receipts for each transaction in your chosen date range. Each charge and payment with a Payment method of CK, CA, CC, BC, OF, EF are included on a separate line within the report. 

Note: More columns are available in the data grid than shown in the map below. The map only describes the columns displayed in the map. To see the total list of columns, select the column selection icon in the upper-left area of the grid ().

Financial Summary Map




Choose a report

The Choose a report dropdown selects one of the six available reports to display in the standard reports grid. These reports include:


Reference dates (range)
The Reference Dates set the start and end date for the displayed report’s date range. Reports that meet the criteria and fall within the selected date range will appear in the standard reports grid.


Reference Date (type)
The Reference Date type selects the transactions based on charge/payment, posting (entry), daysheet, or Daysheet ID. Please note that some reports will not allow for these selections.


Refresh button
The Refresh button refreshes the data in the standard reports grid.


Print Grid button
The Print Grid button prints or exports the standard reports grid as it appears. You can print a paper or PDF copy of the report. The report will open in Print Preview mode. In Print Preview mode, you can choose to print the report or export to PDF. If you export to PDF, you will be given some options regarding how you would like to save the image. Remember, that when saving practice sensitive information or any kind of PHI outside of Office Practicum, you should consider who has access to the information you are saving. You can add a password to the PDF you are saving by going to the Security tab, checking the box that says "Enabled," and Adding a User Password (or you can choose to protect your data in some other way within your own network).


Export button
The Export button exports the data shown in the standard reports grid as an .xls or .csv file.
Reset Preferences button
The Reset Preferences button resets the default window and grid preferences.


Preferences button
The Preferences button saves the window and grid preferences.


The DOS column lists the date of service for the selected transaction.
Posted Date
The Posted Date column lists the date that the payment was posted.
Daysheet Date
The Daysheet Date column lists the dates the daysheet was processed.
Patient ID
The Patient ID column indicates the patient identifier that is associated with the payment.
Patient Name
The Patient Name columns list the patient Last and First name that is associated with the transaction.
The Charges column displays the total charges for the selected transaction.
Insurance Pay & Patient Pay
The Ins. Pay & Pat Pay column displays the payment posted by the insurance company and the patient.
Check NumberThe Check Number column provides the check numbers for payments that were made by check.
Deposit Source
The Deposit Source column indicates where the payment originated.
Deposit Method
The Deposit Method column indicates the method by which the payment was paid.
The Note column indicates any notes entered for the selected transaction.
Rendering ProviderThe Rendering Provider column lists the name of the provider for the transaction.
Location ID
The Location ID column indicates the practice's location where the transaction occurred.