Statistics Dashboard

Statistics Dashboard

Practice Health Dashboards provides a simple method of generating Patient Demographic and Meaningful Use (MU) information. To access demographic and MU information, click the Statistics icon.

The Statistics dashboard allows the OP user to view the demographic distribution of their patients and other MU information. As with the other dashboards, each chart provides high-level information and access to detailed drill-down charts. The detailed Demographic information includes:

  • Patient Demographic Status
  • Active Parent/Patient Preferred Language
  • Active Patient Ethnicity Distribution
  • Active Patient Race Distribution

Click anywhere inside the Patient Demographic area of the Statistics dashboard home page to display these details:

  • Patient Distribution by Age in Years
  • Patient Distribution by Location
  • Patient Distribution by City
  • Patient Distribution by Provider
  • Patient Distribution by Gender
  • Patient Distribution by Plan

Each of these charts have additional drill-down capabilities that access increasingly detailed information. The format and level of information is the same for each view, as depicted in the following graphic of the distribution of all five-year-old children.

The Active Parent/Patient Preferred Language chart displays the following statistical information:

  • Language preference by provider
  • Preference by location
  • Preference by plan

The same views are available for ethnicity and race information.