Superbill Created By Column Crosswalk

Version 21.1
Path: Patient Chart > Charges


The Created by column in the Patient Superbills displays the user who created the associated items. See the table below for a detailed crosswalk.

Type of Charge Within OP


Created By Column Displays

Patient Charges

Manually creating a superbill

User who created charges.

Well Visit

Saving a well visit with charges

User who saves the well visit after the CPT code is added.
Saving an encounter with charges

User who saves the encounter after the CPT code is added.

ImmunizationsClicking Save in the Enter Vaccine Administration Information screenUser who entered the administration details and clicked Save.
Diagnostic TestsClicking Save in the Diagnostic Test Requisition FormUser who entered the test information and clicked Save.
TaskingMarking the Task with a CPT Code and Dx Code as CompleteUser who changed the task status to Complete.
SurveysMarking a Survey Informed or CompleteUser who changed the survey status to Informed or Complete.