Superbill: Pending Charges for Procedures

Version 14.8

About Superbill: Pending Charges for Procedures

Path: Smart Toolbar > Super button
Path: Smart Toolbar > Account button > Charges tab > + Superbill button

The Superbill is an intermediate billing stage that enables you to enter some information directly while you're waiting for more complete information. Such direct entries are therefore "pending" until more patient insurance information is added. Charges are automatically added to the Superbill when, for example, vaccines are administered and entered into a patient's chart, or when diagnostic tests are entered.

The Superbill eliminates duplication by enabling all of a patient's procedures and diagnosis codes for a particular visit to be entered just once. The Superbill is most often used by doctors, nurses, or physician assistants at the end of the visit. The office manager/billing department can review the Superbill to ensure that the proper codes were used before the final bill is generated.

Office Practicum has pre-loaded a complete list of CPT codes. In addition, there is a pre-defined Superbill with commonly used CPT Codes. Your practice may customize this Superbill to meet your practice's needs by creating templates.

Superbill: Pending Charges for Procedures Map




ParticipantsThe participants group sets the rendering provider for the superbill.  Staff can also be entered in the assist by and supervisor fields.


DiagnosisThe ICD-10 description enters the diagnosis codes for the superbill.


Categories tabThe Categories tab lists the CPT codes by category.  To select CPT codes, click on the correct category, i.e., encounter, exam, hospital, newborn, procedure, or vaccine. As each category is highlighted, a list of frequently used CPT codes appears. Double-click the CPT code to enter it into the Superbill.  You can also click the Lookup CPT button to search for a CPT code. 


Template tabTemplates can be created by selecting a CPT code in the Categories tab and then adding it to a template in the Templates tab.  CPT codes can be added, removed and modified for each created template.


Superbill Claim FormThe Superbill claim panel lists all the selected CPT code and associated claim numbers based off the selections made in the Superbill.  CPT codes can be removed and modified in this panel.  Diagnosis codes (DX 1, DX 2, DX 3) ICD-10 codes are associated with the claim transactions in this panel.


Exit buttonThe Exit button saves the patient’s superbill automatically and exits the superbill window.  To confirm the creation of a Superbill, go to the Patient's Account and access Charges. In the top portion you will see the new claim under SUPERBILL (UNPOSTED) CHARGES.


Print buttonThe Print button prints the superbill.


Billing Note buttonThe Billing Note button opens the Patient Register: Notes and Coordination of Care window.  You can enter the billing note from this location.