Supervising Providers

Version 21.0

Supervising Providers

Supervising Provider

In some cases, a provider (often a mid-level provider like an NP or PA) will have another provider (a Supervising Provider) monitor their activities. Some states require mid-level providers to identify their Supervising Provider on prescriptions they send. Previously, DrFirst managed the list of Supervising Providers and assigned a Supervising Provider to each prescription as required.

With OP's ePrescribing system, when an OP user creates a prescription, the Supervisor field in the Prescription Writer window starts out blank. The prescriber can select a Supervising Provider from the Supervisor dropdown list if necessary. If the user selects a Supervising Provider, OP remembers the selection and automatically populates the user's next prescription with the same Supervising Provider. If the user doesn't select a Supervising Provider, OP remembers that selection and leaves the field blank the next time the user creates a prescription.

In some practices, however, Supervising Provider(s) may change frequently. To simplify the creating of prescriptions, OP's ePrescribing system offers a new administrative setting that requires the prescriber to revalidate the Supervising Provider once on a daily basis. After revalidating the Supervising Provider initially, the system remembers the last Supervising Provider the user selected and automatically populates the Supervisor field in the Prescription Writer window with that selection for the remainder of that day. You can still change the Supervisor at any point throughout the day.

The checkbox labeled, 'Must revalidate ERX supervisor on a daily basis' must be selected to force a prescriber to select the Supervising Provider at the start of each day.

If no Supervising Provider has been selected, OP retains that setting. In this scenario, the next time the Prescriber attempts to write a new prescription or refill an existing prescription, no Supervising Provider is selected.

Upon Updating to the OP Proprietary ePrescribing System

Based upon the number of Full Providers indicated within your Staff/Provider Directory, OP selects or deselects the checkbox.

If there is one full provider, OP leaves this checkbox deselected. This allows for the supervising provider always to be selected once a supervisor is selected.

If there is more than one provider in the Staff/Provider Directory, OP selects this checkbox and OP revalidates the supervisor on a daily basis to allow the user to select a different supervisor at the beginning of the day.

Note: It is important that each practice configure these settings in accordance with what works best for their practice.

Enabling the Must Revalidate ERX Supervisor on a Daily Basis Feature

To enable this feature, access the Medical settings in System Preferences. To do so:

  1. Navigate to Utilities > System Administration > System Preferences > Special tab > Prescribe tab. 
  2. To force a prescriber to select a Supervising Provider at the start of each day, select the checkbox labeled, "Revalidate ERX Supervisor on a Daily Basis."

If the prescriber does not select a Supervising Provider when creating a prescription, OP remembers that setting. The next time the prescriber creates a prescription or refills an existing prescription, OP leaves the Supervisor field blank.

To select a Supervising Provider, the Prescriber must write a new prescription and select the Supervising Provider from the Supervisor dropdown menu in the Prescription Writer window.

OP includes the selected Supervising Provider and the Prescriber on the eRx Summary.

The next time the same prescriber attempts to write another prescription or renew a medication from the patient’s Medication List, OP automatically selects the same Supervising Provider. When the prescriber edits a prescription, OP selects the Supervising Provider selected when the prescription was originally written.