Add/Edit a Survey
This section will introduce the user to the section of the Preventive Exam used to document surveys. The user will be guided through the fields to easily review and document information.
Surveys Review
This section will go over how to review and complete open surveys. The user will be shown optional settings to ensure all open surveys are addressed.
Tasking Surveys in a Visit
How to task a survey in a visit when it is not part of the template.
Tasking Surveys from Chart
How to create a survey task from a chart to send to the patient portal.
CHADIS Workflow
This page will show you the CHADIS workflow in Office Practicum.
CHADIS - Sending Surveys to the Portal
When appointment is confirmed, parent can access survey on the OP Patient Portal. The parent taking a CHADIS survey for the first time must accept the CHADIS Terms and Conditions of Access.
CHADIS - Viewing and Scoring Results
Surveys from CHADIS will have a score of "N/A". The results coming from CHADIS will be seen in the top portion. Update the "Assessment" field to include Pass/Fail.
From a patient's chart on the Sureveys tab, a provider can enter the patient's record in CHADIS with the click of the CHADIS button.
Billing for Surveys
Version 14.19 Path: Clinical tab > More button (Customize group) > Surveys Click a Survey  to select it. Click the Edit  button. If you bill for a survey, attach the CPT code: Click the Ellipses  button in ...
CHADIS: Reprocess a CHADIS survey
Overview There may be instances when CHADIS/OP encounters an error. Below are instructions on how to reprocess the CHADIS survey results into OP. This is dependent that the task in OP was not  deleted and that the results are linked to the Su...
CHADIS Complete a Survey without a Patient Portal Account
Version 14.19 Overview At times it may be necessary for a parent, who does not wish to create a portal account, to complete a CHADIS survey. In those instances the parent will register in CHADIS and complete the survey during the visit. There ar...