System Preferences

Version 20.11

About System Preferences

Path: Admin tab > Global Preferences button

The System Preferences (also known as Global preferences) window houses several tabs (and in some cases further sub-tabs) where a practice Administrator can set preferences that are applied throughout the entire practice

User Permission: The System Preferences window is only available to users with permission: AA_SystemAdmin_mi.

About System Preferences Map

1System Preferences TabsThe tabs located at the top of the window are used to navigate to the different sections for which System Preferences are available. Some tabs, such as Clinic Info., and Billing have sub-tabs that further categorize preferences options.
2Exit buttonThe Exit button is used to save any changes that have been to system preferences and close the System Preferences window.

System Preference Tabs

System Preference TabWindow Thumbnail
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Tab Information
Basic TabSystem Preferences: Basic
Colors & Font TabSystem Preferences: Colors & Font
Schedule TabSystem Preferences: Schedule
Special TabSystem Preferences: Special
Clinic Info TabSystem Preferences: Clinic Info
Billing TabSystem Preferences: Billing
Maintenance TabSystem Preferences: Maintenance
Security TabSystem Preferences: Security
Portal TabSystem Preferences: Portal