System Preferences: Basic

Version 20.3
Path: Admin tab > Global Preferences button > Basic tab

User Permission: The System Preferences window is only available to users with permission: AA_SystemAdmin_mi.


The Basic tab of the System Preferences window contains print and output options, master clock syncing, and scanning page limits.

  • Default Output Option: Select either Preview to Screen First or Direct to Printer.
  • Bubble Help:  Select the Show Bubble Help checkbox to have bubble help displayed.
  • Master Clock: Use the Master Clock feature to synchronize the time displayed on all workstations in your network. Type in the name of any workstation, then press the Sync button. For example, if you enter "Desk 1," the time on all workstations will be synchronized to the time displayed at the Desk 1 machine. The synchronized time applies to the time stamp on all records in Office Practicum, as well as the Audit Trail and Action Audit Trail log entries. It is recommended that you synchronize your network time with your server as part of the setup process.
  • Default PDF Reader option: Select to open in Document Manager or in another window.
  • Scanning page limits per database record: This allows users to select their scanned page(s) preference limit for Monochrome, Grayscale, and Color. Allowing a higher number of pages to be saved per database record may slow system performance.
  • Reset page limits to the recommended default values: Resets the recommended Office Practicum scanned page limit settings.