System Preferences: Demographics

Version 21.1
Path: Admin tab > Global Preferences button > Demographics tab

User Permission: The System Preferences window is only available to users with permission: AA_SystemAdmin_mi.


The Demographics tab of the System Preferences allows you to determine which fields (in addition to the required 7) should be required when creating a new patient’s chart. 

This tab also contains a global preference that will disable the Family Address Change form from opening anytime a primary phone or address is changed on a patient.

  • Required Fields
    • Fields that are marked as required will appear in Red text on the Demographics screen when creating a new patient’s chart. You will not be able to save the new chart until all required fields are met. Last Name, First Name, Birth Date, Sex, Primary Address, Primary Phone, and PCP will always be required and can’t be changed.
    • To set new required fields when registering a new patient, check the checkbox for each field you want to be required, then close out of the System Preferences window.
    • You can remove any required fields you have set to be required except for the seven that OP makes required to meet requirements with interfaces. To remove, uncheck the checkbox next to the field you would like to remove.
    • To view the changes, navigate to the Patient Chart > Demographics tab. You will see the text for each required field appear in Red (pictured below). As information is entered into the required fields, the text will turn to black. Once all the required fields are met, you can save the new patient's chart. If you try to save with the required fields left blank, the system will alert you and will not save the chart.

  • Disable Family Address Change
    • By default, all practices have the Family Address change enabled, meaning the Family Address Change form will open anytime a primary phone or address is changed on a patient. 
    • To disable this, select the Disable Family Address Change checkbox, then close the System Preferences window.