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System Preferences: Maintenance

Version 20.3
Path: Admin tab > Global Preferences button > Maintenance tab

User Permission: The System Preferences window is only available to users with permission: AA_SystemAdmin_mi.


The Maintenance tab of the System Preferences window displays the current OP version and lists the various maintenance procedures that can be performed.

  • Clear Instant Messages for users who do not have a message but the button is red.
  • Fix appointments that have invalid start or end time.
  • Recalculate Insurance and copay balances on a patient’s register record.
  • Correct returned check transactions so that they print on statements.
  • Rebuild tables that cause error messages that describe a corrupt file.
  • Messages: Correct the occurrence of messages that have not been delivered to a staff member.
  • Register: Correct instances where the contact person chosen to receive billing statements was not properly saved in the register table.
  • Diag Test Results: Unlink all diagnostic test result images that are linked to multiple patients.
  • Display the session status