System Preferences: Portal

Version 20.8
Path: Admin tab > Global Preferences button > Portal tab

User Permission: The System Preferences window is only available to users with permission: AA_SystemAdmin_mi.


The Portal tab of the System Preferences window contains default values specific to functionality with the InteliChart products (OP Patient Portal and OP Notify) and with OP's Curbside feature.

  • Default Document Expiration Date: Select the number of days a document shared to the portal will be visible to the patient/parent. A zero in this field indicates that there is no expiration date defaulted, and the user will have the opportunity at the individual Document level to set a specific expiration date. 

Tip: Providers may want to set specific type of Documents, done at the individual Document level, to expire within a certain time-frame to remind patients that they are due or overdue for a well-visit or other type of office visit.

  • Sharing Preference (InteliChart Patient Portal): Select this checkbox and enter the date after which clinical data (Encounters, Medications, Well Visits, and Diagnostic Tests) will be shared to the Patient Portal. 

Warning: This preference only applies to newly established Patient Portal accounts. It is not used to remove clinical data that has already been sent to the portal.  

  • Notification Preference (OP Notify): Select this checkbox if you want users assigned to the IC Appointment Request Department to receive a message in the OP Message Center when an appointment is cancelled via OP Notify. Click here to learn how to assign staff to Departments in OP. 

Tip: Setting this preference is recommended so that practice staff is aware of appointment cancellations made by the parent/guardian via OP Notify.

  • Portal Authority: Select this checkbox to hide the Portal column located in the Family Contacts sections of the Patient Chart. This field was previously used to grant parents/guardians access to the portal. However, in relation to the InteliChart Patient Portal, this is a reference only field and has no functionality for giving access to the InteliChart Patient Portal.
  • Curbside: Select this checkbox to send the Instamed payment link in the text message when using Curbside. This checkbox is valid only for clients using Instamed Merchant Services.