System Preferences: Schedule

Version 20.3
Path: Admin tab > Global Preferences button > Schedule tab

User Permission: The System Preferences window is only available to users with permission: AA_SystemAdmin_mi.


The Schedule tab of the System Preferences window contains settings related to appointments and visit stages.

  • Elements to include in appointment text: Allows users to choose how want their appointment text to be displayed on the calendar.  Either choose Patient's last name and first name only, or include the elements from the patient register, Date of Birth and Home Phone Number.
  • Allow use of time stamp on scheduled appointments: This option puts a time stamp on scheduled appointments.
  • Do not use multiple calendars (tabs) on [F7 Schedule] form: Disables multiple tabs on the calendar schedule for the entire practice.
  • Organize "Appointment Type" drop down by department: Lists the Appointment Type drop-down by department.
  • Automatically reset visit stage when encounter notes are opened: If this checkbox is selected, the schedule will reset visit stage when encounter notes are opened.
  • Automatically set visit stage to "Waiting Room" on new appointments starting within this many minutes of the current time (0=disable auto-check-in) system defaults to 0.
  • Set the interval (in seconds) for new events (e.g. refresh the schedule tracking screen). Note: Shorter intervals may result in decreased overall system performance. Suggested interval preference is 5-20.