Visit Info for Telehealth
Telehealth encounters are charted in the same manner as visits conducted in the practice. However, it is necessary to make sure that the Visit Info for these encounters is entered into the Visit Info section of the note.
Charting and Billing for Telehealth Encounters
Learn the work flow of charting and billing for Telehealth encounters.
 Telehealth Workflow for Charting and Billing Video
This short video highlights the workflow for charting and billing Telehealth encounters in OP.
Telehealth Well Visits: Practice Guidance
This article explains the necessary adaptations and documentation guidelines for incorporating Telehealth services in child/adolescent Well Visits during the COVID-19 public health emergency.
Telehealth / Telemedicine Insurance Payer Resources By State
About Below, you will find Insurance Payer resources broken down by state. These resources include direct links to payers' COVID-19 pages, as well as various types of communications and guidelines specific to payer-policy, regarding the billing...