Template Procedures

Version 14.8


You will be shown how to add procedures codes to a template design to capture charges performed by an office procedure.

Click the link below to view a video of how to customize and use the procedure feature Using Procedures in a Template.
  1. Click the Procedures tab .
  2. Click a Category.

Encounter Template Editor: Procedures Category

  1. Double-click to select a procedure.

Encounter Template Editor: Procedure Selection

  1. Complete the procedure line:
  • Add a procedure modifier (optional).
  • Click into the Mod field.
  • Click the drop-down arrow and select the procedure modifier.

Encounter Template Editor: Procedure Modifier

  • Add a procedure note (optional).
  • Click into the Procedure Note field.
  • Type the note for the procedure.

Encounter Template Editor: Procedure Note

The procedure note will appear on the Summary linked to the procedure.
  • Enter the number of units.

Encounter Template Editor: Procedure Units

  • Click the drop-down arrow to select a diagnosis code in DX1 - DX4 (optional).

Encounter Template Editor: Procedure DX

The list of diagnosis codes displayed are diagnoses entered on the Encounter tab of the template.

  • Click thedrop-down arrow and select EPSDT (optional).

Encounter Template Editor: EPSDT

  • Click the drop-down arrow and select EP Refer (optional).

Encounter Template Editor: EP Refer

  1. Click the Save changes to template button.