Template Procedures

Version 14.8


You will be shown how to add procedure codes to a template to capture charges performed by procedures done in the office.

Click the link below to view a video of how to customize and use the procedure feature Using Procedures in a Template.
  1. Click the Procedures tab and select a Category. If the procedure code is not found in a Category, click the Lookup CPT button.

  1. Double-click to select a procedure.

  1. Complete the procedure line, the below items are optional:
  1. Click the drop down arrow in the Mod field and select a procedure modifier.

  1. Click into the Procedure Note field and type the note for the procedure.
Note: You may also click the ellipse button in the PN Edit field to add a procedure note or click the PC button to insert phrases. If a Procedure Note is added is will appear linked to the procedure code on the note summary.

  1. Enter the number of units.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow to select a diagnosis code in DX1 - DX4. The list of diagnosis codes to choose from are entered on the Encounter Note tab of the template.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow and select EPSDT.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow and select EP Refer.

  1. Click the Save changes to template button.