Template Zones

Version 14.10
Utilities > Manage Practice > Appointment Preferences


Template Zones are the building blocks to creating Schedule Templates and using Slots. They are used to designate times on the provider's schedule for specific appointments. This setup piece also allows the Zones to be protected against scheduling by certain users and overbooking.

Creating a Template Zone

  1. Click Utilities on the menu toolbar.
  2. Select Manage Practice.
  3. Select Appointment Preferences.
  4. Click the Template Zones tab.

  1. Click the Insert Record button.
  2. Add template zones using the table definitions below.
Appointment ZoneThe type of zone that will be blocked in the providers schedule.
Zone ColorThe color this Template Zone will appear on the schedule.
Protection StatusWho can book an appointment in that Template Zone:  
  • Not Protected: Any staff member can make an appointment in this zone at any point now or in the future.
  • Owner Protected: Only administrators and the person whose schedule the zone is on may make appointments in this zone (typically used for Lunch, Vacation, etc.).
  • Same Day Only: Reserved; appointments can only be made in this zone when patients are going to be seen the same day. Only the calendar owner or system Admins can pre-book in this zone.  
PurposeIdentifies the purpose for each Appointment Zone. Slot usage is calculated based on the number of minutes allotted to each purpose.
Max ApptsThe maximum allowed number of appointments in a specific time slot. If there is no limit, select 0. Only the calendar owner or system Admins can override this setting during scheduling.  
  1. Click the Post Edit button .
  2. Once all changes are made, click the Exit button.

Editing Template Zones

  1. Select the Template Zones tab.
  2. Click to highlight the item to modify.
  3. Click the Edit Record button .
  4. Edit any fields (Appointment Zone, Zone Color, Protection Status, Purpose, Max Appts).
  5. Click on the Post Edit button.
  6. Once all changes are made, click the Exit button .