Thumbnails Panel

Version 14.10

The Thumbnails panel is a vertical panel to the right of the Document List panel. Displaying the thumbnails vertically allows for a larger overall Preview panel than displaying the thumbnails horizontally. This reduces scrolling up and down through selected documents and allows for an overall larger preview of the selected document. 

The end user can customize the size of this panel by clicking and dragging the right border of the panel. If there are multiple rows of thumbnails, OP 14 changes the display to a single column of thumbnails.

Selected thumbnails OP 14 display in Preview panel. The Hide/Show Thumbnails button (highlighted above the Thumbnails panel) allows the end user to hide or show the Thumbnails panel. If the end user hides the Thumbnails panel, the OP software uses that space to expand the Preview panel.

Note: The Thumbnails panel does not display thumbnails of PDF files.