Time-Based Coding


 A Closer Look at Time in OP Video
Run-time: 27:42 - In this video, Dr. Sue Kressly provides a closer look at how Time is tracked in OP to support the 2021 Office Visit E/M Coding and Documentation Changes.
What Counts as Time for an Encounter and Where Time is Tracked
This article contains everything you need to know about when time-tracking starts and stops, how time is categorized, what counts and doesn't count as time, and what is and is not time-tracked.
Set Intra-visit Work and Post-visit Work Visit Stages
Learn how to set the Patient Tracking/Visit Stage that will categorize Intra-visit work and Post-visit work.
Tracked-Time Code Calculation
Learn how time is displayed in the Coding section of an Encounter and the 2021 E/M codes based on time spent on the day of the patient's Encounter.