Tips for Using the Dashboards

Tips for Using the Dashboards

The following is a list of tips and reminders that OP recommends to simplify and expedite use of the Practice Health Dashboards.

  1. OP Practice Health Dashboards update on a weekly basis. To get the most reliable view of your practice, you will need to ensure your practice processes daysheets on a daily basis.
  2. Do not click the Back button. Clicking the Back button automatically exits the system.
  3. While drilling down through each dashboard, additional tabs open and display along the bottom of the browser window. You can close any tab by clicking the Close Tab button (the small “x” on each tab).

  1. Hovering the mouse over any area of the charts displays a popup window with detailed information for that area of the chart. When the mouse pointer changes to the Hand pointer, you can click on that area to open a drill-down tab with even greater detail on the area you selected.

  1. The content of each drill-down tab is based on selections and content from the previous tab. For example, while viewing the Charges, Payments and Adjustments (CPA) dashboard, if you need to look at more detailed information for the Never Pay Insurance Company in September 2012, you’ll need to make the following selections:
  1. Select the Month.

  1. Select the Payer.

The CPA dashboard displays the results in a separate tab opened in addition to the previously opened tabs.

  1. Many dashboards and charts include vertical and horizontal scroll bars.