Clinical: Start a Well Visit

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button (F7)


In this section you will find the steps for opening a Well Visit from the Tracking Window

  • You will need to be in the Schedule and Practice Workflow Window: Press 'F7' on your keyboard or Click the Sched button on the Smart Toolbar.
  1. Click on the Tracking tab.
Note: Patient tracking shows where the patient is in his/her visit. For example, the patient is in with the triage nurse or the patient is in with the doctor.
  • In the below example (#5), Jessica Test has been checked out; Raphael Test is done seeing the doctor in the 'Safari Room'; Henry Test is in with the nurse.
  1. Select the name of the patient you will be seeing. Once you click on the name, you will see the line highlighted blue.
  2. Change the Visit Status and Room as applicable. Select the appropriate status and room using the dropdown arrow on the right hand side of the column.

Note: Room Names and Visit Stages are customized for each pediatric practice.

Schedule and Practice Workflow: Tracking Screen

  1. Click the right mouse button on the highlighted line. A dialogue box will open.
  2. Select Open Well visit.

Schedule and Practice Workflow: Tracking Screen


Well Visit: Used ONLY when a patient is coming in for a preventive/well visit.
Encounter Visit: Used for any other visit such as sick visits, weight checks, shots only visits, allergy shots, follow up visits, etc.