Transfer Credits Between Sibling Accounts

Version 14.10


In Office Practicum, you have the ability to transfer family credits among members of the same family.  

Note: Family members are financially linked together by the same Guarantor/Contact from the Insurance Tab of the Patient Account &/or Patient Register. To learn how to financially link family members, click here.

If one sibling has a credit and another sibling has an account balance, you can manually transfer the credit from the first patient to the second, by following one of the procedures below:

The Family Transfer payment feature allows you to transfer credits between siblings quickly and easily, without requiring that you enter the credit refund transaction in each individual account. The Family Transfer grid displays available credits in all of the patient's siblings' accounts, and you can enter the amount you would like to transfer (or click Transfer All) from one or several of these accounts. 

Transfer Credits

  1. Open the Patient's Account form by pressing the Account button on the Smart Toolbar.

  1. Search for the patient that has a balance and is in need of a sibling credit transfer .
  2. Click the Credits button, located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on Add Credit button .  
  4. Click on the dropdown box next to the Pay method field and select Family Transfer.

  1. Enter the amount of the credit being transferred from the sibling in the Transfer field or click on the Transfer All button or Balance Owed, as appropriate. Note: Please be advised that this feature allows you to transfer credits from multiple siblings in one step.

  1. Click the Save / Post button to save and close. Both the patient and sibling accounts will be credited/debited accordingly.

  1. Finally, to apply this credit to the patient account balance:
  1. Click the Payments button.
  2. Click Add Payment button.
  3. Select Patient Credit as the payment method.