Cloud Printing


OP is transitioning to a new printing solution for OP Cloud clients. The new solution will reduce the steps required to print from OP as well as prevent the recurrence of printing issues that we’ve been encountering. To ensure your device is properly configured for OP to deploy the new print solution, update your device's 2x Client/Parallels Client version by following the steps here.

Old Printing Workflow

The older method of printing documents from OP is a 2-step process. This workflow utilizes a redirection application that creates a PDF document in your default web browser. When printing a document, a Print window appears and you will print the document using OP's cloud printer.

Note: If you are seeing "There are no printers connected to your computer" when trying to print, log off all sessions. For steps to do this, click here.

By clicking OK, a PDF of the document you want to print is displayed in your web browser. Print the document from the browser to a physical printer like you would any other web-page or document.

New Printing Workflow

The new printing process is now a single step. Select the document you want to print and in the Print window, choose which local physical (or virtual printer such as PDF, XPS, FAX) printer you'd like to print to.

These printers will be named "printername" for “username”, where your username is the 10-11 digit number associated with your device, similar to 1234_0000567. 

If you would like to save a copy of your print job as a PDF, you can select the option within the dialog box for Microsoft Print to PDF for “your username” and it will then prompt you to save the PDF to a location on your local computer.