Troubleshooting FAQs

Can't access Help Center?

If you are not able to access the Help Center and you using an on-premise terminal server check your default internet browser. If your default browser is Internet Explorer make sure you change your default browser to Chrome or Firefox due to the high default security settings on Internet Explorer that can block the Help Center from loading correctly.

What do I do if I don't get any exact matches when I type a search term in the Help Center Search box?

Path: Clink the Search box > Type the search term > Click the Search button

You can type a search term in the Help Center Search box, and click the Search button to get a list of articles that contain that term. 

In the example below, there aren't any suggested articles with DTI in the article title, so we typed DTI, and then clicked on the Search button to pull up the list of articles that contain the term in the body of the article.

How do I check my OP version?

Check Version of OP 

Path: Help Menu > About > Build Number

How do I import from faxes folder?

When the end user clicks the New Document button or clicks the Edit button in the Document Controls toolbar while viewing an existing document, the Manage Documents window changes the Document List to the Acquisition panel. The Acquisition panel is comprised of two sections: the Acquire Images & Documents section at the top, and the Sketch panel at the bottom.

Acquire Images & Documents

The Acquire Images & Documents section includes the following:

  • Scan button. This button allows the end user to Input an image directly from a scanner.
  • Card Scan: This button (light background) allows the end user to input an image directly from a card scanner.
  • Import Images from Files button. This button allows the end user to input single or multiple pages in JPEG, TIF, or BMP format.
  • Input Fax: This button allows the end user to input faxes (received or sent). 
  • Acquire from Camera. This button allows the end user to acquire images from a camera.
  • Import PDF, CDA, or DICOM Documents button: This button allows the end user to import PDF and CDA files. Clicking the dropdown arrow displays a list of import options (Import PDF, Import CDA, and Import Dicom).
  • Twain options: These include the Use and Hide Radio buttons.

Sketch Panel

The Sketch panel includes the following buttons:

  • Undo Last Sketch Operation
  • Cut Image to Clipboard
  • Copy Page to Clipboard
  • Paste Image from Clipboard
  • Delete Page
  • Copy from Sketch Folder to Document: Clicking this button allows the end user to drag-and-drop pages without having to use the Copy button. This is especially helpful when copying a range of pages.
  • Copy from Document to Sketch Folder
  • Delete all Images from the Sketch Folder
  • Refresh Sketch Folder
  • Number of Viewable Columns in Sketch Thumbnail
  • Configure Scanners on this Workstation: Clicking this button displays the following options:
  • Set up Predefined Devices.
  • Card Scanner Device: Card Scanner: Scan Again; Auto-convert to Black/White; Reduce Size (Original size 100%; Reduce Size to 33%; Reduce Size to 50%; Reduce Size to 66%).
  • Scan Destination: Scan to Sketch Folder; Scan to Image.
  • Advanced: Reset TWAIN.

The bottom part of the Sketch panel displays the image after the end user has acquired it. The image remains in Edit mode until the end user saves the document.

How do I fax from OP Cloud?

There is no outbound faxing feature available in OP at this time.

Dataset not in edit or insert mode?

In order to modify records in OP 14, the record needs to be in Edit mode. Some records will automatically enter Edit mode when you begin typing. When a record is not in Edit mode and you attempt to modify the record or save the results after a change, you may receive this message. The message is typically not an error. Instead, it is a message informing the user to explicitly set the record to edit mode and then make the change.

Where do I save files I export from the Cloud?

Follow these steps to save files that you export from the cloud:

  1. Create a folder on your local computer where you wish to save your exported files. 
  2. Run the report/file you want to export, and click the Export button.
  3. Navigate to the Network drive in the Save As window.
  4. Double-click tsclient.
  5. Double-click the \\tsclient\C Share or your local folder.
  6. Select the folder you created in step 1. In the example below, we created the My OP Cloud Exports folder on the local C drive before we exported the file.
  7. Select the desired file extension in the Save as type dropdown. In this example below, we chose Excel files (*.xls).
  8. Click Save.

How do I reach Office Practicum Support?

We’re here when you need us! Our Support Team is dedicated to providing our clients with great service! There are several ways to contact Office Practicum's Support Team!  

Via Phone

OP offers a toll-free number for business-critical and highly time-sensitive requests. Calls are routed through a central contact coordinator at our call center, who will escalate your case to the appropriate team based on the nature of your request. To contact Support via phone, call 1-800-218-9916 and dial 2 for Support. 

Via Chat

Live Chat is a quick and convenient way to connect with our support specialists to get fast answers to questions about our application. Within OP, a Chat button is found on your login screen in the OP Notification Center. There is also a Chat button located within this Help Center on every article. That way you are always just a click away from accessing our support team.

Via Email

Email is a HIPAA-compliant, convenient way to submit requests and cases to our support team. This alternative allows you to include screenshots with your case. It is tracked by the OP Case Management System for timely email follow up. To contact Support via email, send your case information to    

Via the Support Hub

We feel transparency is important when you are tracking the status of your case requests, so OP has an integrated Support Hub where you can view progress notes and add details to active cases. It is a quick and easy way to for you monitor cases any time of the day. With OP’s online Support Hub, you are able to request support, view the status of your open cases, and submit new cases. Not yet enrolled in the Support Hub? Contact our Support Team to get started! 

Via the Help Center

In addition to having access to hundreds of help articles, videos, FAQs, and QRGs, you can also reach our Support Team right here from the Help Center! Just navigate to the Help Center's homepage and click Contact Us located under Need Support!

Why does the OP software appear to freeze up?

There can be many factors for why the OP software freezes your system (such as PC resources consumed by other applications), but one common function that can temporarily freeze your control of the main OP application is the activation of a modal window within OP. 

Modal windows are graphical control elements that work in conjunction with the application that is being used on the workstation. They pop up when there is an important function opened/activated that needs to be performed at that moment on your workstation (such as giving permissions or editing an important particular piece of information). These modal windows can create disruptions to the normal workflow of the application until a resolution to that window is complete (such as preferences set, privileges administered, information input).

If you open or activate a modal window, simply locate the modal window, perform the action requested, and continue with your normal workflow. Most Modal windows can also be closed by clicking the X button in the upper-right corner. 

Some modal windows in OP include:

  •  Edit Address

  • Diagnosis Code Management

  • System Preferences