Unapplying Applied Payments to a Claim

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Account button


This process requires using both the Review Patient's Claims form (Claims tab) and the Patient's Credit Account. Office Practicum allows you to delete a payment associated with a claim and OP will automatically create a patient or payer credit for the deleted/retracted amount.

Un-applying an Insurance or Patient Payment

  1. Open the Patient's Account button on the Smart Toolbar.
  2. Click on the Claims tab.
  3. Select the particular claim, then click on the Plussign to view all transactions associated with that claim.
  4. Click on the payment that is needing to be removed from a claim and click on the -Void button at the top of the window.
Note: Please note that if all Insurance payments and adjustments need to be removed, Highlight the Claim Line Date of Service and click on the Recoupbutton to void all corresponding Insurance Payments and Adjustments.
  1. OP will remove the applied payment from the claim (so that the balance is now due) & simultaneously create an insurance credit for the voided amount.