Understanding Pharmacy Favorites + Address Book Relationship

Version 20.13

Pharmacies are added to OP when a search of the SureScripts master list is performed and a Pharmacy record is selected. When a record is selected it will be placed in the Address Book in the category of Pharmacy and can be found in the All previously used by any patient tab of the Choose a Pharmacy window. Click here for information on adding a pharmacy to the favorites list.

When a Pharmacy is added to OP, a flag in the Address Book is set to indicate that it has been used when sending a prescription. In addition, OP will store the Pharmacy's NCPDP ID that will be used to confirm a valid Pharmacy when sending prescriptions.

Pharmacies should never be deleted from the Address Book. If you attempt to delete a Pharmacy, you are presented with a window prohibiting the action from occurring.

Note: OP runs an automated update from SureScripts, that will mark Pharmacies as inactive and update the pharmacy's demographic information. The Pharmacy NCPDP ID is used to uniquely identify pharmacies.

  • If the updated pharmacy's NCPDP ID matches in an NCPDP already in OP,  only demographics (address and phone numbers) are updated.
  • If the updated pharmacy's NCPDP ID does not match what is in OP (typically due to a merger of Pharmacies), the original Pharmacy will be marked as inactive. You will need to search for the new Pharmacy in the SureScripts Master list to add it back into OP. An inactive Pharmacy will be removed from the Favorites List and the All previously used by any patient list.