Understanding PIN Generation


The following bullet points are intended to provide some details about PIN generation. 

  • The generation of a PIN authenticates that the person being supplied the PIN has the authority to create a portal account and access the patient’s health information.
  • The PIN applies to the patient, not the parent. Unless, of course, the parent is also the patient. It is directly related to the patient's name and date of birth. If a patient is registered as Baby Boy, Baby Girl, or another unofficial name, the name in Basic Info should be updated to the patient's given name before a PIN is issued.
  • PINs do not expire.
  • Multiple PINs can be generated for a patient in the event a parent misplaces the PIN that was generated. 
    • Only one PIN is active at a time. If the practice issues a PIN that is unused, a new PIN can be issued. The newly issued PIN will now be the active one.
  • PINs are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear on the PIN printout or in the welcome email.
  • The same PIN can be used by multiple parents to create separate portal accounts.
    • Parent #1 receives a PIN and creates a portal account by either following link in the welcome email or by navigating to the OP Patient Portal URL from the printout.
    • Parent #2 navigates to the portal URL and creates their own account by entering the same PIN for the child when prompted to do so.
    • Both parents will be listed in the Associations section of the patient’s account on the OP Practice Portal.
  • A PIN is only active once the Complete Registration or Complete/Log In button is clicked in the Registration window (in InteliChart).