Update Portal Account Status


The ability to validate and view a patient's portal account status is possible from the Tracking window. It is recommended the Update Portal Accounts button is selected each morning to view the up-to-date information as the practice begins to see patients. If necessary, this button may be selected throughout the day. It is important to note, depending upon the total number of patients scheduled for the day, the update may take time to run.

  1. Navigate to the Tracking window: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Schedule > Tracking radio button.
  2. Click the Update Portal Accounts button.

  1. If a patient is currently not found on the InteliChart Practice Portal, the below message will display.

  1. Click OK to continue with the update.

Note: The above error message is information only informing the practice a patient on the schedule is not available on the InteliChart Patient Portal. Once the OK button is selected the update will continue.