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Using ClearTriage

Version 14.8

Using ClearTriage

Compatible Versions of OP 14 for ClearTriage Support
You must have OP Version 14.0.55, OP Version 14.1.10 or later to use ClearTriage in OP 14.

After obtaining a ClearTriage account and setting up OP to support ClearTriage, any user in your practice can use ClearTriage.

Click here to watch a video showing how to use ClearTriage with OP 14.

To use ClearTriage to add protocol information to a message:

  1. Log on to OP.
  2. Click the Sched button on the toolbar. The Schedule and Practice Workflow window appears.
  3. Click the Messages tab.

  1. Click the New Message button. OP opens the Message window with the ClearTriage button.

  1. Click the Patient Search button and select a patient.
  2. Click the ClearTriage button(). 
OP opens a browser window to the ClearTriage web page and automatically logs the user on using the credentials entered in the e-Correspondents table.

  1. Click through the ClearTriage application to:
  • Select a protocol
  • Perform triage by selecting the first positive triage question
  • Select care advice
Note: For details on selecting a protocol, positive triage question, and care advice, refer to the ClearTriage web site at www.cleartriage.com.

ClearTriage Questions Tab

ClearTriage Care Advice Tab

  1. Click the Copy button.
  2. In the OP application, paste the call notes into the message by clicking the cursor inside the message field and pressing Ctrl-V or by right click and select Paste.