Using General Letters

Version 14.10


The General Letter can be used for writing a letter on behalf of a patient. It is especially handy when having to create a letter for a patient who has limited physical education class restrictions or for a patient who was advised to miss school without being seen in the office. For insurance company communications, the patient's insurance information can appear. General Letters can also be archived for the patient or made a template for later use.

  1. On the menu bar at the top of the screen, click Activities > Create General Letters
  2. Search for and select the patient. The patient will appear in the bottom bar of the window.
  3. Click the Insert Record  button on top to begin a new letter. 
  4. If sending a letter to an entry in your Address Book, click the Provider  button next to the To: field. To send a letter to the patient, click the Patient  button to copy the patient's information into the Addressee fields. You can alternately type the information in the Addressee fields. 
  5. Add the patient's information under the RE: field by clicking the Ellipses  button. 
  6. You can also select the checkbox to include the patient's insurance information. 
  7. Write the salutation and body of the letter in the fields provided. 
Note: Phrase Construction is available in several fields in the General Letter Writer where indicated by the Phrase Construction button . You may want to consider building your Phrase Construction library to suit the needs of your General Letter entries. For more information on Phrase Construction, click here.
  1. The Signed by field will pre-populate with the user who is creating the letter. You can click the Ellipsis button to access the Staff Directory to select another staff member or provider if necessary. 
  2. The Title field can be used to add the staff's title, such as Billing Manager, Office Manager, etc.
  3. After completing your letter, click the Post Edit button to save.
  4. To print the letter, click the Printer button.

Archive a Letter

  1. After saving your letter, click the Archive Letter button.
  2. Click Yes in the Confirm dialog box.
  3. To access all Archived letters for a particular patient:
  • Search for and select the patient within the General Letters window.
  • Click the Archived Letters tab.

To use an Archived Letter as a template for a new letter, click on Archived Letters tab, highlight the letter you wish to use and click Apply highlighted note to current note. You may then update the letter as needed.

Save a Letter as a Template

  1. After saving your letter, click Make Template. The Template Letters tab will become active.
  2. Double-click the template.
  3. Enter a Template Description and remove any patient related information.
  4. Click the green checkmark to save.
On the Template Letters tab, you can select a template you no longer wish to save by selecting the template and clicking the red minus sign.

Using a Template Letter

  1. Click the Template Letters tab.
  2. Select the letter title in the list.
  3. Click Use Highlighted Template
  4. Click Yes in the Confirm dialogbox.