Using OP Lab Import (Client-Server)

Version 14.8
 WARNING: This function is not available in the OP software if you utilize eLabs. If you use eLabs, click here.

This article discusses how to use the OP Lab Import in the Client-Server environment. These procedures require an OP 14 logon with permission to access the Diagnostic Tests Import utility. The System Administrator can grant this permission by accessing the Security Settings window by following the path: Utilities > System Admin > Security Administration and assigning the MainMenu_DT_Lab_Import security permission to the OP 14 end user.

Opening the OP Lab Importer

1. Open the OP Lab Import utility by following the path: Tools > Diagnostic Tests Import. The main form of OP Lab Import displays two grid areas; the upper grid displays available results, the lower grid displays existing Office Practicum requisitions based on the automatically or manually selected search criteria.

You are presented with a list of results available through your lab interfaces; results are listed and one is selected automatically.

2. Verify that the "OP Provider" is filled in, and note the patient and test information indicated in the selected result record.

3. Any available requisition in your patients' charts will be listed if matching information is found (i.e. patient name, or requisition ID).

Optional PDF Viewing
For results where a PDF is included (Quest, and only some other facilities), use the [PDF] button in the "filename" column to view results without filing to a patient chart

When a Requisition from Your Patient's Chart is Suggested

1. Confirm - Skip this step if no requisition is suggested. Determine if the suggested requisition is an appropriate place to file the incoming result.

2. File - Skip this step if no requisition is suggested. Click the paper clip icon for the appropriate record where you would like the result to be filed.

3. Continue for un-filed results.

When No Suggested Requisition Is Displayed

1. Search - Select birth date as the search criteria for a list of available requisitions by birth-date-only match.

2. Return to step 4. File if the appropriate requisition is found.

3. Patient Search - Click the patient icon on the result, under Pat ID.

4. A matched patient will be listed and selected immediately; Alter the search criteria, if necessary.

5. Click Select to indicate the selected patient; the Patient ID will be used for the requisition search criteria.

6. Return to step 3. Confirm to confirm and file into a requisition listed for the Patient ID you have selected.

7. Continue for un-filed results.

When A Requisition Is Not Listed After You Have Indicated The OP Patient With A Patient Search

Note: Open requisitions from a patient's chart will display in the bottom grid only when the requisition date in in the pt. chart is within the search time configured (see top area above the grids or Configuration tab to modify), the Req status is not Complete, and a send-out facility is indicated on the requisition.

1. Create a New Requisition - Click Create Requisition when you are filing a result to a patient chart without using an existing requisition.

Results will be removed from the top grid as they are filed. Once filed, results will appear in the list of "Received" requisitions on the F7 | Schedule and Practice Workflow form, on the Diagnostic Tests panel, within the Results Received/Reviewed tab.

The provider review can be conducted from this screen -

2. Indicate that an order has been reviewed by clicking it's Rev'd check box.

3. Select Complete from the drop-down of the Requisition Status, if appropriate (final versions of all results have been reviewed).