Using OP Lab Importer

Version 21.0
Path: Tools > Old Lab Importer 
 WARNING: This function is not available for laboratories with which you use eLabs. If you use eLabs, click here.

This article discusses how to use the OP Old Lab Importer tool, which is accessible through Tools > Old Lab Importer.   The permission to use this tool is MainMenu_DT_Lab_Import. An administrator can grant this permission to end users through Admin > Security Administration

Opening and Navigating the OP Lab Importer

Open the OP Lab Import utility by following the path: Tools > Old Lab Importer.

The main form of the OP Old Lab Importer displays two grid areas. 

  1. One row is selected automatically in each grid (you can identify the selected line by looking for the placement of the dark black arrow in the left side of the grid). 

Upper grid: New unmatched results

  1. Each result returning from the lab contains the ordering provider, the patient name, the patient OP chart number, and the test information.
  2. Optional PDF Viewing: For results where a PDF is included (e.g. Quest), use the [PDF] button in the "filename" column to view results without filing to a patient chart

Lower grid: Pending Requisitions (Existing unmatched requisitions based on the automatically or manually selected Search by criteria)

  1. All matching open requisitions in a patient's charts will be listed in the bottom grid if matching information is found according to the Search by criteria.  You can search using different modalities like first and last name or DOB.  As you select different result rows in the top grid, the bottom rows of suggested matches update dynamically.

When a Requisition from Your Patient's Chart is Suggested

If OP can find a single good match among the patient's open requisitions for your incoming result, OP will list just that one requisition in the bottom pane (Pending Requisitions).

  1. To accept this and file the results accordingly, click the paperclip icon in the requisition row.
  2. You'll see a pop-up, "Attach Suggested Lab Results to this requisition?" To confirm, click Yes.

  1. The new lab result in the top pane and the matched requisition in the bottom pane will disappear.
  2. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other result/requisition pairs.

When No Suggested Requisition Is Displayed

First, try alternative searches for the requisition.  

  1. While OP defaults to last name-first name matches, you can change the Search by drop-down to search in other ways:
    • DOB Search: Select birth date as the search criteria for a list of available requisitions by birth-date-only match.
    • Patient ID Search: This may be useful if a patient's name has changed between the time the requisition was ordered and the result returns (e.g. newborn "Baby Boy Smith" becomes "John Jones."  
      • Hint:  Patient IDs in results may show 0 if OP can't find matches on name.  To change a patient ID from 0, click the patient icon in the top grid on the result row, under Pat ID.  Choose the patient in the usual way.
  2. A matched patient will be listed and selected immediately.
  3. Once the appropriate requisition is visible, click the Paperclip icon in its row.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for other requisition/result pairs.

When A Requisition Is Not Listed After You Have Indicated The OP Patient With A Patient Search

Note: Open requisitions from a patient's chart will display in the Pending Requisitions grid only when ALL of the below criteria are met:

  • The requisition date in the patient's chart is within the search time configured
  • The Requisition status is not Complete
  • A send-out facility is indicated on the requisition.

You can look at the requisition and correct its Status or Facility as needed, and/or change the requisition search parameters in the Pending Requisitions pane.

If you cannot find any existing requisition that works, create a new requisition for the result:  

  1. Select the "orphan" row in the top grid.
  2. Click the Create Requisition for Selected button.

Provider Review

As results are matched to requisitions, they will be removed from both grids as they are filed in patient charts.  Once filed, results will appear in the list of "Received" requisitions in the Clinical Work panel:

The provider review of lab results can be conducted from this screen:

  1. In the top panel (Requisitions), select a lab result to review.  (You can see which lab is selected because of the blue highlighted row and the triangle icon on the far left.)
  2. Look at the associated results in the bottom panel (Orders/Results).  
    • You can expand the results using the + button.
  3. Mark the result as reviewed by clicking its Rev'd check box.
  4. Select Complete in the requisition's Status dropdown, if appropriate (i.e. if final versions of all results of all tests attached to that requisition have been reviewed).

To access/view a PDF of the Requisitions:

  1. Select the Requisition you would like to view in the Requisitions panel.
  2. Click the list button  on the right side of the row.
  3. The Requisition Details window will open. Click the Latest button next to the "Lab-issued result" field.
  4. The PDF of the Requisition will open in a new window. You can save or print the PDF as usual.