Vaccine Body Sites and Admin Routes

Version 14.10

Vaccination site/route codes enable you to record the site or administration route of a vaccine. While these codes generally do not require changes, as most vaccines are administered in a limited number of body areas, new codes may need to be added with the release of new vaccine types (for example, intranasal or transcutaneous vaccines).

Adding additional Body Sites/ Routes
Your practice should not edit or add to the body site or admin route codes, since there are standards for transmitting this data between systems (Office Practicum and your Immunization Registry). So far our standard code set has been sufficient for the vast majority of state registries. It is important to note that even if you did not purchase the interface you should still follow the standards set by their local registry. Most if not all state registries have an expectation that the providers, regardless of EHR vendor, understand the local vaccination reporting requirements, and are more than willing to provide "best practice" advice.

Opening Body Sites/Routes
The body site and route of administration details are located under Utilties>Manage Codes>Vaccine Info>Body Sites/Routes/VIS.

The body sites and/or routes that are checked off are not visible while documenting vaccines.

To Make a Body Site or Route Visible

  1. Locate the body site or route to make visible.
  2. Click .
  3. In the archive column, remove the check from the box.
  4. Click the  ´╗┐to save your changes.