Vaccine Code Table Details

Version 14.8

About Vaccine Code Table Details

Path: Utilities Menu > Manage Codes > Vaccine Products > Ellipsis (…) button (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][C][V])

The Vaccine Code Table Details window edits the details for a vaccine code in the Vaccine Code table. You can enter your new changes or utilize the dropdown arrow to select the populated vaccine code list.

Vaccine Code Table Details Map




Vaccine NameThe Vaccine Name indicates the vaccine associated with the vaccine code.  To ensure consistent forecasting, the vaccine name cannot be changed. Only the Inventory Name can be modified.


Vaccine Code DetailsThe Vaccine Code Details contain all modifiable fields in the Vaccine Code Table Details window.


Archived checkboxSelect the Archived checkbox when the selected vaccine is out of production and no longer in use. When archiving a vaccine, make sure it is not a vaccine that you would document. If a new patient comes to your practice and the vaccine quick entry chart is used to update their shot record, then the vaccine will not be available to document if it is archived.


Vaccine GTIN and NDC recordsThe Vaccine GTIN and NDC records associate the vaccine global trade item number with its national drug code number. The Vaccine GTIN and NDC records can be added, removed, and modified.


Save buttonThe Save button saves the changes and closes the Vaccine Code Table Details window.


Cancel buttonThe Cancel button closes the Vaccine Code Table Details window without saving any changes.